• About Me

    I'm Julian iliev and I'm an independent filmmaker and film historian. I’m also a huge Batman fan and follower. I have an extensive Batman HotToys collection and like many of you Batman is all over my cell phone. I'm inviting you to join my course Batman - from A to Z.

  • About the class

    In this class we will examine the actual aspects of the creation Batman, its progress through comic books, TV and movies. We will learn about his enemies and allies. Last but not least we will look at many questions that fans have about his actions and methods.

  • Why should you take this class?

    After the completion of this class you will have a better idea why Batman is considered to be the best superhero. If you are a Batman fan or a Superhero enthusiast this class is for you. I’m looking forward to seeing you in my class.

Course curriculum


One-time nominal fee

If you like Batman this class is for you

I look forward to seeing you in my course