• About me

    I'm Julian iliev and I'm an independent filmmaker and film historian. I'm a huge admirer of Orson Welles and I think he is the best film director that have lived.

  • About the Class

    In this class we will examine all the aspects of several of Orson Welles’s films. We will look at "The Magnificent Ambersons," "The Lady from Shanghai," "Othello," "Touch of Evil," "The Trial" and "Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight."

  • Why should you take this class?

    Orson Welles is probably the director that is most studied in University classes. Almost every one of his films have left a sequence in the history of cinema. Regardless if you are a professionals filmmaker or amateurs enthusiast or just a normal viewer I guarantee you will learn something new. This class will help you to either understand film better or to make our movie stand out.

  • The Films

    If you have not seen the films, do not worry. I will supply you with web links where you can watch the films at your leisure.

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Orson Welles

This class is about magic, this class is about visual poetry as seen in Orson Welles’s career. If you like movies this class is for you.

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